Prescreening Questions

Please read through my pre-screening questions before you contact me.  It is my intention to make contact with good fit clients and to be as clear as possible about what I do and don’t do.  These prescreening questions will help you make a determination as to whether you will be a good fit for counseling services with me.  

  1.  Are you twenty and over?  If yes AND you are dealing with anxiety, depression, or trauma then I may be a fit for you.   I do not work with kids or teens.  
  2. Are you someone in midlife (40 and up)?  If yes, I will probably be a good fit for you. Since I have a special interest in midlife issues and aging.  
  3.  Are you able to pay my hourly rate of $125 per 50-minute session?  I reserve a limited number of adjusted rate spots for people on a limited income.  My adjusted rate slots have been filled at this time.  If we work together, I adjust my fees yearly to match inflation.  
  4. Do you have insurance coverage?  I am a provider with some insurance companies but you need to contact your insurance company to see if I am in network with your particular Insurance.  I am currently accepting Kaiser and Pacific Source as my two main insurance providers but I am listed with others.  
  5. Are you seeking individual counseling?  I offer individual counseling only.  I do not offer couples, family or group counseling.
  6. Can you commit to a regular weekly or every other week time slot (same day and time each week)?  Counseling works best when a regular appointment time is kept and is a priority.  I reserve a regular spot that is especially for your therapy and expect clients to do the same. 
  7. Are you experiencing addiction, suicidal ideation, psychosis, or extreme crisis?  If you are dealing with any of these states you will probably need more intensive treatment than I offer and I will not be a good fit for you.  If you have a history of any of these issues, or currently have mild symptoms and reach out to me, if I feel that I will not be able to provide treatment you might need based on my assessment, I will not take you on as a client. Sometimes it takes time to assess your needs, and even if we have already started working together, I might need to stop your treatment and refer you to another provider if I determine that your issues are not a fit for me.
  8. Are you already working with another counselor?  There are ethical issues around working with more than one therapist.  It is best to work with only one therapist at a time.  I suggest that you talk with your current therapist about any concerns or issues you are having with your current therapy before you start treatment with another therapist. 
  9. Are you inquiring on behalf of yourself?   If you are, good. If not, please have that person you are inquiring for review my website and prescreening questions and reach out to me directly.  I will only offer service to the prospective individual client I would be working with. 

If none of these questions would be a barrier to our moving forward and you would like to discuss a starting counseling, please contact me using my email reply form or at, or 503-309-1163.  I consider the first couple of sessions of therapy an assessment phase for both of us.  Some symptoms and issues might be outside of my scope of practice or competence.  If I determine that you would be better served by another provider at any time in our work together, I will provide you with an appropriate referral.