Breaking From Dysfunctional Families and Abusive Parents

Breaking From Dysfunctional Families and Abusive Parents

Do any of these questions ring true for you?

Did you grow up in a dysfunctional or abusive family?

Were your parents emotionally immature, toxic, or abusive?

Did you grow up with one or more siblings who bullied or mistreated you on an ongoing basis?

Have you ever wondered what life would be like outside of the dysfunctional family relationships you have?

Breaking From Dysfunctional Families and Abusive Parents Portland
Counseling can help you find your life, your independence, and your real self apart from the dysfunctional and abusive family you grew up in.  Would you like to:

  • Uncover deep emotional wounds you suffered at the hands of a dysfunctional family, parents, and/or sibling.
  • Discover your strengths, true emotional expression, creativity, and identity.
  • Learn ways to love, accept, trust, and nurture yourself.
  • Uncover unconscious beliefs and messages you received in your dysfunctional family and from abusive parents that keep you caught in complicated feelings of shame, loyalty and guilt.

Helping people who want to heal from the abuse and dysfunction suffered at the hands of parents and the dysfunctional family system they empower is one of my highest aspirations.

As a counselor it is my intention to help support you in the healing process and to assist you in:

  • Nurturing your relationship with yourself.
  • Cultivating relationships with good friends.
  • Finding and engaging in support or activity groups that enrich your life.
  • Discovering other resources that bring you REAL healthy connections.

Breaking From Dysfunctional Families and Abusive Parents Portland OR
Breaking from dysfunctional families, abusive parents and/or siblings and the damaging emotional habits and behaviors we learned from them is not easy.   You determine the level of “breaking” that works for you.

  • Sometimes people decide that they need to have very limited contact with family.
  • Other may decide they want no contact for a period of time.
  • While some may choose continued contact with limits, restrictions and enforced boundaries.
  • For those of us whose parents are deceased we may find that we are still haunted by the legacy of their abuse and need to break from continued dysfunctional emotions and behaviors we unconsciously play out.
  • And there are those who decide that they want no contact with family at all.

As your counselor it is not my place to decide or judge what is best for you.  It is my job to help support you in your process. Check out my Prescreening Questions to see if working together is a fit.
Breaking From Dysfunctional Families and Abusive Parents Portland Oregon

As your Counselor I will:

  • Guide and support you through the individual psychotherapy process.
  • Enthuse and encourage you to action.
  • Provide thought provoking, insightful and potent questions.
  • Partner with you to clarify goals and values apart from your family of origin.
  • Help you uncover hidden beliefs and patterns that may be keeping you stuck in guilt, shame, and loyalty to a dysfunctional family script.
  • Be your accountability partner to insure follow through on the actions and behaviors you decide are right for you.
  • Celebrate your successes with you!

Specialized skills and talents include:

  • Intuitive and compassionate based questions that correlate with common sense and logic.
  • Mindfully based practices to help you retain a here and now focus while explore your past.
  • Use of imagination and visualization to strengthen your conscious connection to your unique sense of self.
  • Empowerment and client centered based philosophy of practice.

Are you ready to break free from your family’s dysfunctional legacy and experience personal satisfaction that comes with fully embracing yourself apart from your family of origin? Check out my prescreening questions first then Contact Joy at (503) 309-1163.