Midlife Crisis Portland

Midlife Crisis

Are ANY of these true for you?

Have friends and family been concerned about the risky and uncharacteristic behaviors you are engaging in since entering mid life?

Do you find yourself longing for an affair, daydreaming of sex with a much younger person, or actively engaging in a sudden extramarital affair since reaching middle age?

Do you feel out of control with new and uncharacteristic behaviors such as staying out late, “partying”, using drugs/alcohol, or other behaviors that are concerning to you and or others since reaching midlife?

Are you making impulsive purchases such as luxury cars, youthful clothing, radical self improvement activities in an attempt to “look or be younger”?

Have you felt more depressed, sad, despondent, or withdrawn since entering midlife?

Midlife Crisis Portland

If so, Portland Lifestyle Counseling can help you get back to your normal self with counseling for symptoms associated with a Midlife Crisis in Portland. What is popularly known as a “midlife crisis” can be a difficult and painful experience for the one experiencing it and a little embarrassing for those loved ones witnessing it. We have all seen humorous movies where a middle aged person engages in some youthful behaviors that others find silly, embarrassing, and immature. But in reality a midlife crisis is really not that “funny”. In an attempt to reduce deep feelings of loss, grief, sadness and fear that can come with aging, middle aged people will sometimes engage in “regressive” or impulsive behaviors in an attempt to recapture the past. Actions such as an outlandish car purchase, having an affair, “partying”, radical self improvement, or sudden excessive alcohol or drug use may all happen and are attempts to recapture youth.

Grief and the Loss of Youth

Midlife Crisis Portland OR

In midlife it is common to reflect on our lives and wonder if we have been living the life we really want. We may begin to feel some remorse, regret, grief/loss, depression, and anxiety about choices made, the future, and your mortality. Much of this is a normal part of the emotional response to aging and growing maturity. However, when midlife changes are accompanied by impulsive, risky and “regressive” behaviors, a normal midlife transition can turn into a “midlife crisis” that can cause great concern for your safety, wellbeing, and emotional health. Counseling can help with this.

Counseling for Midlife Crisis

Counseling can be very helpful during a “midlife crisis” and working with a compassionate and trusting counselor can help you navigate the confusing and disorienting waters of midlife. Our culture is a youth worshiping one where even the most level headed middle aged person can fall subject to irrational behaviors in an effort to capture a youthful past. Meeting with a empathic counselor on a regular basis is a great way to explore the second half of your life with greater awareness, self acceptance, and compassion for the fully mature person you are becoming.

Common issues explored include:

Midlife Crisis Portland Oregon

If you are experiencing signs of a “midlife crisis” or if you are having difficulty transitioning to midlife, rather than engaging in impulsive actions that may cause greater harm to yourself and your loved ones I invite you to consider counseling. Please check out my prescreening questions to see if working together is a fit for you.  I provide specialized, distinctive, and practical counseling that works with your unique issues and goals. I help you explore and understand complex feelings, thoughts, and behaviors that may be keeping you from having the life experiences you want. I also work to help you gain greater access to your own inner wisdom and innate resources that can move you to healthier actions and behaviors. Lastly I support and encourage you in practicing new coping skills that overtime can help you establish healthier behaviors, greater self-understanding, and self-acceptance.

During counseling I encourage you to:

  • Process emotional responses to your unique issues
  • Create counseling goals that you believe are doable and sustainable
  • Explore your thoughts and feelings in a safe and supportive way
  • Test new behaviors that increase healthier living
  • Compassionately confront frustrations, fears, and challenges that may be keeping you trapped or stuck
  • Create solutions and engage in healthy action that create change
  • Plus more!

My counseling style is empathic, supportive and encouraging. I bring twenty plus years of professional helping experience and relevant life experiences that gives me perspective, depth, and healthy caring. All of my life experiences – personal and professional – are present when I sit down to meet with you as your therapist.

Counseling Midlife Crisis Portland

I seek clients who are committed to their counseling process, deeply moved to action by their emotional challenges, and exhibit a desire for change and better self understanding. Quick solutions, easy answers, and “get better quick” schemes are not utilized here.

The decision to seek counseling can be a big one and there are many counselors eager to help. I put myself forward because I know counseling works, I believe in what I do, and I know people can feel better. I have 20 years professional experience working with people who have suffered from years of self blame, depression, anxiety, and emotional challenges.

It is my intention to provide you with high quality, confidential, and supportive counseling that can help you make the changes you want, feel better and  be more self accepting.

If you are ready to face your midlife crisis then check out my prescreening questions first then contact Joy at (503) 309-1163 .. If you know someone who you feel could benefit, share my information with them.

Flexible payment options include: PayPal, EAP coverage, insurance, cash, check, and credit cards.