Teletherapy Services

Teletherapy Services

I am old school.  I still believe that face to face counseling is the most effective way to receive counseling.  Whenever possible this is what I recommend to potential clients.  However, in these times of hectic schedules, public health emergencies, and other problematic situations face to face counseling may not always an option.

I do offer telephone counseling and teletherapy in certain situations.  

Telephone Counseling

At this time telephone therapy is available AFTER at least one face to face session or one teletheapy session unless you are referred to me from a counseling partner.  I do not practice across state lines and cannot provide telephone therapy if you live outside of the state of Oregon. Telephone therapy is still relatively new to mental health and I cannot assure full privacy or efficacy.   

Teletherapy Service

Teletherapy service is available to potential clients who do not have severe mental health issues, crisis, other severe health issues AND cannot attend face to face sessions.  Please check with your insurance provider or EAP about coverage. Teletherapy technology is new, can have glitches, and no one can assure you full privacy. However the platform used is HIPPHA compliant.  

If you want to know more please contact Joy at 503-309-1163.