High Sensitivity Personality Trait (HSP) Portland

High Sensitivity Personality Trait (HSP)

Are Any of These True for You?

Have you been frequently called “too sensitive” by others?

Do you find loud noises, crowds, bright lights, highly arousing and fatiguing?

Do you need down time after engaging in activities while others around you do not?

Are you very aware of subtleties in the environment?

Are you very aware of changes in other’s moods?

Do others view you as “shy” or “introverted” when you are being quiet, observant, or in need of down time?

If you answered yes to most of these questions you may be someone with the high sensitivity personality trait. To learn more visit Elaine Aaron’s HSP website, take her test, and read more about her fascinating research.

What is High Sensitivity?

High Sensitivity Portland by Portland

Portland Lifestyle Counseling offers counseling for High Sensitivity Personality Trait (HSP) in Portland.High sensitivity or sensory processing sensitivity are terms that refer to a sensitivity trait found in 15 to 20 percent of the population. It is an innate temperament trait that is expressed as awareness of subtleties in stimulus and ability to become overwhelmed by too much stimulus. Those with this trait process information carefully before acting and as a result are aware of subtleties in the environment. However, as a result of their sensitivity, many people with this trait are more prone to over stimulation than most other people.

Over stimulation can create challenges for those with high sensitivity trait. Our culture values high stimulation, fast action, extroverted style, and bold action. Those who are more observant, keenly aware of details and subtleties, cautious, deep thinking before acting, reflective, and need quiet space for reflection are not rewarded well in the culture. Often those with high sensitivity receive little support or understanding of their innate trait. As a result the trait is often mislabeled as “shyness” or “introverted”. Plus those with high sensitivity are sometimes criticized and judged for the trait and can end up suffering loneliness, social isolation, depression or anxiety and other emotional issues.

Perhaps some of this has been true for you?

High Sensitivity Portland by Portland OR

Those with high sensitivity can become emotionally overwhelmed due to forcing themselves to be different than they are to fit in better in a culture that values high activity, extroverted behaviors, and stimulation. Sometimes it can be easy to tell yourself, “I should be different” or ask yourself, “what is wrong with me? Everyone else seems to be able to do this why do I find it so draining?”. People with high sensitivity and not knowing they have the trait, will engage in activities that are highly arousing and over stimulating in efforts to fit in. Unfortunately this can result in emotional suffering, self blame, and feelings of shame when feeling burnout, fatigue, overwhelm, and other symptoms indicating over arousal. Symptoms such as depressed mood, nervousness or anxiety or other mental health issues may also manifest. All of this in addition to having the trait, can make managing your sensitivity even more difficult. This is where counseling can help.

Counseling for High Sensitivity Personality Trait may help you:

High Sensitivity does not have to be something you need to change or get rid of. In fact high sensitivity is not a disorder at all but an innate trait that can bring many wonderful gifts to the world and to yourself once you understand and get to know the trait. Counseling can help you on this journey of self discovery and can help learn to appreciate your high sensitivity, find and use your unique coping skills, and ways to share the gift of sensitivity with others and yourself. During counseling I help you:

  • Process emotional responses to your unique issues
  • Create counseling goals that you believe are doable and sustainable
  • Explore your thoughts and feelings in a safe and supportive way
  • Test new behaviors that increase healthier living
  • Compassionately confront frustrations, fears, and challenges that may be keeping you trapped or stuck
  • Create solutions and engage in healthy action that create change
  • Learn more about the positive aspects of the trait such as capacity for keen observation, awareness of subtleties, contentious observations, depth of experiencing, deep artistic appreciation, and other useful qualities
  • Plus more!

My counseling style is empathic, supportive and encouraging. I bring twenty plus years of professional helping experience and relevant life experiences that gives me perspective, depth, and healthy caring. All of my life experiences – personal and professional – are present when I sit down to meet with you as your therapist.

I seek clients who are committed to their counseling process, deeply moved to action by their emotional challenges, and exhibit a desire for change and better self understanding. Quick solutions, easy answers, and “get better quick” schemes are not utilized here. Instead you will find empathic counseling methods that include:

  • Mindfulness Based Counseling
  • Solution Focused interventions
  • Psychodynamic Supportive practices
  • Strengths based focus
  • Empowerment based model of counseling

Distinctive and specialized approaches and practices include:

High Sensitivity Portland by Portland Oregon

Counseling for High Sensitivity Trait may help you:

  • Improve overall coping when experiencing over arousal and overwhelm.
  • Reduce feelings of depression and anxiety that can accompany isolation and social withdrawal due to high sensitivity trait.
  • Discover new ways of viewing your trait as a gift and appreciate your unique qualities.
  • Ways of educating your peers about high sensitivity or sensory processing sensitivity.
  • Reduce emotional stress that can occur when you don’t understand the trait and engage in good self care.
  • Process past experiences and identify old patterns that no longer serve you today
  • Identify healthy behaviors, actions, and choices that support greater health.
  • Practice new coping skills that may improve your social experiences.
  • Plus more.

I have 20 years professional experience working with many different types of issues and people. I offer specialized counseling for High Sensitivity trait because I understand how difficult it can be to experience the challenges of over arousal, overwhelm, and the need for calm after being overly stimulated. There are many counselor’s to choose from, but I put myself forward because I believe in what I do and I know empathic counseling can work.

If you are ready to explore your high sensitivity trait contact Joyat (503) 309-1163 or email at . There are many counselors to choose from. I put myself forward because I believe in what I do and I know counseling can work.

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