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September 10, 2015
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Depression and a Counseling Relationship

Depression and a Counseling Relationship

How counseling can help reduce depression symptoms

Article by M. Joy Young, LCSW, ACSW Portland Oregon
(503) 309-1163

Research shows that the most curative factor of counseling is the counseling relationship between you and the counselor. Depression is sometimes treated with medication, but it is not always essential. Some people find that with consistent, dependable, and professional counseling and a self care plan targeting depression, depression symptoms may be managed well enough to help you

  • Feel better
  • get more out of life
  • get connected with people who are supportive and encouraging
  • maintain relationships with family and friends
  • maintain healthy self care practices
  • slow down negative self talk and self criticism

No one can deny that we are living in challenging times as a species. Even though we have easy access to quick information, technology, fancy foods, and other things that make life seem easier. Many still suffer with feelings of dissatisfaction, dis-ease, disappointment, and depression. Body and brain chemistry is just one possible cause of depression. Another possible cause is a culture of isolation, community disconnection, economic and social discrimination, and population disenfranchisement.

What makes Portland lifestyle depression counseling services different?

Consider these questions

  • Would you like a counseling relationship that looked at more than you body chemistry?
  • One that considered the broader social context of your life?
  • One that respected your decision to use or not use depression medications?
  • One that didn’t label you as “a depressed person” just because you had a world view that took very seriously the social, political, and environmental issues?
  • Respected and considered your spiritual values and beliefs?

At Portland Lifestyle Counseling depression and depression symptoms are considered from a holistic framework – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual with special emphasis on environmental factors such as community, social engagement, and the broader environmental issues that face us all.

Everyone knows that a major criticism of most medical providers is their lack of personal attention and regard for our unique situation and history. Another is feeling like our inner wisdom and knowledge are not considered or respected. As a result many of us loose touch with our inner knowing and authenticity.
Even with depression, you can still access your inner knowing for guidance, support, and greater connection. Your unique inner knowing can help you determine how to better take care of yourself during periods of depression. This is powerful knowledge that does not come in pill form because it comes directly from your core self.

Schedule a FREE 30 minute consultation for depression counseling by contacting Joy at (503) 309-1163 . I look forward to serving you.