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Discover Your Truth: Inner Knowing

Article by M. Joy Young, LCSW, ACSW Portland Oregon

Throughout my life I have experienced many crisis and challenges.  Like many of you I have gone to speak with kind and caring professionals who have helped me in many ways.   But I discovered that the most powerful help I got did not come from anyone outside myself.  It came when I felt connected with something bigger and wiser then myself yet at the same time is a part of  what I call myself. Probably my most centered and kind self.  I call this connection Inner Knowing.

Even though your inner knowing is a connection that each person has to find for themselves, I have discovered that a counseling relationship can provide you with the support, physical space, regularity, and encouragement you need to discover inner knowing for yourself.

In my counseling practice called,  Portland Lifestyle counseling, I specialize in helping people uncover their Inner Knowing. This is the part of ourselves that helps us discern, evaluate, and decide what is best for us even if we feel too confused, depressed,  anxious, or unsure.  Some people refer to it as their conscious mind, heart, Nature, or Higher Self.  It has many names, but it is the part of us that knows what direction to take, is not bossy, and is respectful of others.


Benefits of Uncovering Your Inner Knowing

There are many benfits you can experience by discovering your inner knowing:  Your Inner Knowing gudidence can help you

It is important to note that Inner Knowing is not a type of religious state, though there are those who may associate this with God or Source.   You do not have to be relgious or “a believer” in any type of religious doctrine to get in touch with your Inner Knowing.

What is your Inner Knowing telling you?

discover your inner knowing
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If discovering and claiming your own truth is important to you.

If uncovering what you know for sure about your life feels right to you

If feeling centered and connected to your Inner Knowing is something that resontates with you

Then I encourage you to consider a counseling relationship to begin uncovering, reclaiming, and honoring your Inner Knowing.  You do not have to be religious to benefit from this – but you do have to be READY to allow your intutition, compassion, and receptivitiy to open to acceptance, the present moment, and possibility.

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